My candlemaking has spanned 15 years and gone from a beloved hobby to a business and back again!  I craft candles for personal use, for use in my practice, and for sale to the public as available.

My candles are individually handcrafted in one of several base media: beeswax, paraffin wax, and soy blends. The base used depends on the actual form and purpose of the candle. Prices vary accordingly. Beeswax candles have a natural mild and pleasant honey scent. Paraffin and soy candles are scented with pure essential and fragrance oils.

To order, please email me at indicating the candles you are ordering, quantity, and color/fragrance if applicable. I will then invoice you for the total plus ACTUAL shipping.  You may pay the invoice through Paypal, which accepts all credit cards.  If you are local and wish to pick up your order, you will not be charged shipping.

House Blessing Spiral Design Candle Scented with Frankincense and Myrrh  $10.00

Stress Relief!  16 oz jar candle scented with pure lavandin grosso essential oil and some secret ingredients. Lid is filled with my homegrown lavender buds for use as sachets or in your pillowcase!  $10.00

16 oz. jar candle scented with Rosemary and Peppermint Essential Oils.  Rosemary and Mint aid memory and alertness! Lid is filled with dried rosemary from my own garden.  $10.00

Lover's Candle.  This very special custom candle can be made in any color you wish.  Specify at checkout.  Available scented with Patchouli, Love Spell, or Neroli (Orange Blossom.)  $20.00

Three sided Angel candle in sky blue and scented with Nag Champa, a peaceful and meditative fragrance  $10.00

Harvest Blessings candle.  Almost a pound of pure beeswax.  Hand decorated.  Natural mild honey scent. One only....a one of a kind creation. $25.00
Muhahaha! Trick or Treat! Skull candle scented in Vanilla Voodoo for a lusciously scented Samhain/Halloween.  $10.00

Celtic Cross in white beeswax.  Incredibly detailed!  $15.00

Little Blessings candle in white beeswax, complete with molded "flame" and "drips."
About 4 3/4" of adorable...and since it's beeswax it'll burn for10+ hours. $6.00

Wise Little Owl in White or Yellow Pure Beeswax.

Are they pots of gold? Honey pots for Pooh? Mini cauldrons of sweetness? Any way you want to look at them, they're 5 1/2 oz of pure, locally sourced yellow beeswax that will burn brightly for many hours. $8.00 

Just for fun!...hand crafted iced cinnamon bun candles, complete with wax "raisins"! They smell even better than the real thing! Each comes on its own tin tray and is packaged in cellophane for gift presentation. Limited quantities. $10.00

Mini Pumpkin Pie complete with that warm pumpkin scent, pie tin and a dollop of whipped cream! $6.00  SOLD OUT

It's almost that time of year! Little Christmas tree frosted with "snow" and scented with black spruce essential
 oil for that true tree smell! About 4 1/2" tall. $5.00

Yule Log 3x3 Pillar Candle scented with black spruce essential oil. Handcrafted and hand painted. $10.00  

16 oz Candle in old-fashioned pint Mason jar. About 50 hours of warm and comforting Hearthside Spice or  Warm Apple Pie scents!  $10.00

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