I provide individual and couples counseling from the Irish Celtic perspective of the "Anam Chara."  At this time, I am accepting a limited number of private clients.

The concept of Anam Chara, or Soul-Friend, is an ancient one, dating to the pre-Christian Celts.
Anam Chara is a beautiful concept which stresses connection and relationship with your counselor; your Anam Chara becomes a trusted adviser. You will be actively heard, without judgement, in a safe and supportive atmosphere. You will be encouraged to tell the truths of your experiences and will be guided along your soul's path. If you wish, readings and spiritual cleansing may be used as tools at various stages in the process to clarify issues and to provide information that may highlight obstacles that are causing you to feel "stuck," anxious, depressed, angry, or addicted.

My fee is $75. per hour; however, a sliding scale is available for those in immediate need and with limited resources. I am also open to bartering under special circumstances. Depending upon your situation, counseling may be brief or extensive in duration. We will decide this together after an initial session where we'll determine if we are both comfortable in continuing the journey.

My counseling services are open to those of all paths, ethnicities, lifestyles, and religious/spiritual beliefs.

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