Home Clearings

I offer a thorough psychic-empathic inspection of your home and property.  Oftentimes homeowners (and even apartment dwellers and owners of used cars and campers!) feel the "presence" of other energies in their space. These phenomena may take many forms.
  • You may perceive movement out of the corner of your eye, or see a fleeting figure, human or animal.  
  • You may see a persistent light or shadow in the corner of an area, particularly near the ceiling.
  • You may feel oppressed in a certain room or area of your home, or your space as a whole may have a negative 'vibe.'
  • You may experience lights flickering on and off, doors opening and closing, or hear movement or knocking.
  • You may awaken from sleep feeling a pressure on your chest or limbs, and/or the presence of someone in the room.
  • You may feel either energized or weak in certain areas of your home.
All these "symptoms" may be positive or negative depending on the energy source. Some spirits are helpful and protective and should be befriended.  Some are not...and we will deal with those together.

The fee for this service is $100. and will span one to one and a half hours. I will diagnose what is happening in the home and we will decide whether to embrace the spirit or encourage it to move on. If the presence is unwanted, I will use herbs, words of power, and other methods to cleanse the home.  You will be provided with followup instructions and materials.


  1. Thank you for my home clearing today! You were insightful, thorough, considerate and right on target! I will be sure to recommend your services and look forward to what the future holds!

    1. Thank you, Cara! It was a pleasure.