I offer many types of intuitive empathic readings for both general and specific needs.  Depending on the questioner's preference and the issue at hand, I may use Tarot cards, Runes, Ogham sticks, crystals and stones, and/or a pendulum as assistive tools in my readings.

If you are here, you know enough about psychic readings to be curious and interested. It's likely you also have misconceptions.

A reading is not "fortunetelling," although often it will provide very clear answers to specific questions. A reading will not provide you with Powerball numbers nor produce the name of your dead great-grandmother on cue. This is trickery, and I do not engage in it. My readings will furnish guidance in the areas of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.  They will reveal obstacles and opportunities in areas such as finances, employment, and romance. And they will, at times, produce surprising and enlightening information. These are the original purposes of the ancient system of Tarot, and they are not connected with negative energy in any way.

My readings generally take place in my home.  I will also, upon request, do the reading in your home (especially when combined with a home clearing) or in a peaceful environment of your choice, such as a meadow or park. I am also available for phone or Skype readings by appointment.

  • One-issue reading. This reading offers guidance regarding one specific problem or issue (job/career, romance, children, finances, etc.)  This reading takes approximately 15 minutes. Fee: $20.
  • General reading.  This reading offers guidance in more than one area and will provide you with an overview of your life in the past three months and the coming three months.  This is a 30 minute reading. Fee: $40.
  • Whole-life reading. This is a thorough and extensive reading which examines your life's path and illuminates the opportunities and obstacles that you have - and will - encounter throughout your lifetime. It encompasses tarot, runes, and other methods of guidance.This is a very spiritual experience which may bring up uncomfortable issues.  You will be in a safe space, encouraged and supported throughout this process. This reading generally spans 50 minutes to one hour Fee: $75.

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